Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andrew Garcia: American Idol audition

American Idol Season 9 audition: Andrew Garcia sings “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

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  1. Andrew, you were awesome on American Idol, I really hope you win it all, you deserve it. I love your music and your covers are amazing. Best wishes~~

  2. As a vocalist myself, I have never been so inspired (this early) by any AI contestant. Andrew, you are the one to beat. Keep your quiet, gentle confidence intact and no one can touch you. You are as close to my favorite contestant, Eliott Yamin, as anyone I have ever seen. Whatever happens, you are going straight to the top - so get ready. Producing, writing, singing, Broadway. I guarantee you Andrew, God has all that life has to offer just waiting for you.

  3. I must completely agree with the other 2 posts. Eliott Yamin and Danny Gokey were 2 of my all time favorite contestants and the second I heard your voice, you were right up there with them. I loved your rendition of "Straight Up" and can only imagine what else you will wow us with! You've got some big fans in Indiana, we'll be burnin up the phone lines with lots of votes for you! Best wishes in all this brings you and your son.
    Jenn from Indiana