Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Finalist Diaries ~ Andrew Garcia: Most Missed Idol Cast-off

Which former Idol did 3 of the 4 Top Season 9 finalists mention when asked who they missed most? Andrew Garcia!

American Idol Finalist Diaries
Top 3: Casey James

Casey James loves his dogs and misses them so much that he gave them a shout out in his video diary. He also talks about the former Idol contestants he misses, like Tyler Grady, Aaron Kelly and especially Andrew Garcia.

American Idol Finalist Diaries
Top 4: Michael Lynche

Michael Lynche talks about which member of his family he misses, how he grew really close with Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia, and he opens up about the one big change he would have made during his Idol journey.

See the Lee DeWyze Blog for Lee's Finalist Diary, and his shout out to Andrew!

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